five dancing people at sunset

Even if we love our jobs, by the end of the week we are often depleted. The focus required to keep on top of the  tasks that need doing, and the many interactions with clients and colleagues, exert a toll and our energy levels can drop. By the weekend we are often in recovery mode. And then it all starts again on a Monday.

But the weekend is also when we do our socialising, family stuff and the domestic chores. If we are not careful, the weekend can be as busy as the working week, and we overlook the rest and relaxation our minds and body require.

The canny folks, however, will plan ahead, ensuring that alongside the fun, they make time to care for themselves.

The importance of self-care cannot be under-estimated.

If we take a moment to pause, be still, close our eyes and breathe, we can centre ourselves and re-energise.

Once refreshed, our physical and mental selves are recharged and we can be ready to hit the ground running again.  Choosing to have reflexology treatments is  just one of the ways you can practice self-care. Isn't it worth a go?