The giving season…


Many of us will be approaching this festive period with mixed feelings. I am certainly experiencing moments of uncertainty about what the new year will bring and I have started thinking a lot more carefully about what I am gifting and how I am organising the celebrations. The environment and the economy are featuring in all our decision-making, these days. We certainly did need a wake up call.

I am glad that my friends and family are more accepting of the idea of reducing the amount of unnecessary presents. Instead we are focusing more on making the most of the celebrations through making the most of being with our loved ones. I, for one, don't need any more 'stuff'. But I can never get enough of cosy evenings around the fire, or savouring the last golden days of autumn with a long country walk or a brisk stroll along the seafront. I crave peace and quiet and a really good book to lose myself in and of course, I love spending quality time with close friends and family over a glass of wine or two.

I am facing the end of the year with optimism, cherishing what I have now but also  looking forward to embracing the new year renewed and refreshed with the inner strength I know I will need.