Love your feet!


two feet on a pebbly beach

As autumn sets in and winter approaches many people are tucking their feet into thick socks and boots again, thankful that they can forget about them until the summer comes around.

Are you one of those people who heave a sigh of relief that you won’t have to look at your feet again for 6 months? Perhaps you think they are unsightly, an odd shape or texture? Or perhaps they are just not as lovely as you would like them to be.

But, try not to neglect them. If you give them a little love, your feet really will thank you.

Feet are truly incredible. One-quarter of all the bones in your body are in your feet and there are thousands of nerve endings in each foot. They connect us to the earth, help us walk, run and dance. They deserve looking after.

It takes just a few minutes, once a week, to use a pumice stone or a nail brush to remove dead or dry skin. Then, after your shower or bath, massage them with a favourite body lotion or cream and pop on some thick socks or slippers to keep those toes warm.

Reflexologists view the feet as a ‘mirror of the body and soul, revealing your health, energy and even your emotions’ (Ruth Hull, 2021, The Complete Guide to Reflexology).  Applying pressure to points, or reflexes, on the feet that correspond to parts of the body, will encourage the body to de-stress, re-balance and to restore itself.

So, taking care of your feet is not just about pampering, it is also important for self-care and can contribute to your own, and others’ wellbeing.