The benefits of facial reflexology

forehead image with reflex points marked

Ziggie Bergman's method for facial reflexology, like reflexology on the feet, is based on zone therapy. Zone therapy was created by Dr. William Fitzgerald, through studying how Native Americans used pressure points to relieve pain. Ziggie developed her method over 20 years ago. It uses thumb or finger pressure to the reflexes to stimulate and being so close to the brain it is very powerful. I have to say, it is also incredibly relaxing. You will float out of the therapy room and when you combine it with a foot reflexology treatment it is out of this world. I have sensitive skin, myself, but the specially formulated facial elixir is made up of therapeutic ingredients such as white poppy seed which treats inflammation and eczema, and my face glows afterwards. I would recommend it to anyone but particularly those who are not as comfortable having their feet worked on. Do get in touch if you want to know more about this treatment and how it could benefit you.